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Harvest Jobs at Patricia Green Cellars

If you’re looking at the litany of harvest jobs out there you have read some version of the same bullet-pointed ad several times. There isn’t a lot more ground to cover about what harvest is. It’s sorting fruit and cleaning up equipment and floors all the time. Forklift driving experience is a major plus. Previous winery experience and familiarity and experience with pumps, electric pallet jacks, presses and the like is also a plus.

We do manage our fermentations by doing a daily pigeage (foot treading in the fermenters). This is strenuous work that requires upper body strength, stamina, a relative lack of modesty, good hygiene, determination, generally positive human energy and skin that’s either tough or well-taken care of.

What Patricia Green Cellars offers in the whole deal: This is a progressive and team-oriented operation. The work environment is pretty low stress even if there will be days and stretches of days that are pretty intense. We will hopefully end up processing around 350 tons of fruit, most of it will be Pinot Noir from some of the best, oldest and most historic vineyards in Oregon. This should be around 6 weeks of work sort of give or take a week on both ends of harvest. You will work with an extremely experienced core group that will provide training, direction, motivation and hopefully inspiration. The pay ranges from $16-$18/hour depending upon experience, there is time and a half pay after 40 hours. This will be 7 days/week of 8-12 hour days. We don’t pull over-night shifts. We don’t work past 12 hours/day other than in crisis management situations which we hope to avoid. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages are provided daily. Dinner is provided when necessary. There is a hot tub. We are out in the middle of nowhere and it’s really beautiful.

What we don’t provide: We don’t have guest quarters or a winery house. We don’t necessarily have any transportation although that is a little flexible depending on things. This isn’t a big “on the job training for your new career in the wine industry” sort of place.

What we expect of you: You will have been vaccinated for Covid-19. Everyone here is vaccinated. This is not an optional situation. If you either don’t want to get vaccinated or don’t want to disclose your status that is your business, but we won’t be hiring you. You can physically and mentally handle the amount and intensity of work. This is 70 hours/week on your feet doing work that ranges from monotonous to strenuous. We start as early as 7:00 or so on some days. It can be very cold in the mornings and very warm on the same day so being prepared for a variety of conditions is important. You take direction, are enthusiastic, team-oriented and care about the quality of your work.

Expecting harvest to begin sometime in the first 15-20 days of September but that is a wait and see sort of situation at this juncture.

We are looking for a crew of around 6 individuals.

Check out the website, for more general sorts of information.

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