Northwest Cost of Production Calculator

The Northwest Grapes Cost-Of-Production Calculator is an online resource for Washington, Oregon and Idaho wine and juice grape growers to automatically calculate the costs of producing grapes. The calculators, modeled after existing tree fruit calculators with input from growers in all three states, allow growers to enter their own cost figures into the calculator, and automatically calculate their costs of producing grapes. If a grower does not know his specific costs, the calculators are pre-set with industry average figures.

There are 16 calculators: four calculator types and four production years.

  • Wine grapes conventional
  • Wine grapes organic
  • Juice grapes conventional
  • Juice grapes organic

Each calculator has four production years to choose from – year 1: Establishment, year 2, year 3 and years 4+, so growers can calculate the costs for an individual year, all production years or forecast costs until full yield. The results can be printed out and saved to a computer.