The Oregon Wine Board publishes a touring guide that aspires to include tasting room information for every tasting room in the state. We collect that tasting room information directly from you and your peers. We also share your tasting room details through a web tool called “Explore.” You can see it here.

In 2018 we worked with Travel Oregon to formalize the process for populating their Oregon Tourism Information System (OTIS) with the OWB’s winery data. This provides two significant benefits to all Oregon wineries:

  1. Wineries will only need to provide tasting room information to one source (OWB’s Explore web tool)
  2. Tourism partners around the state and consumers around the world can rely on accurate winery data

In anticipation of the upcoming 2020 digital Oregon Wine Touring Guide, which will be available online in February, please take a few minutes to ensure that the information the OWB has on record about your tasting room is accurate.

For convenience, a visual tutorial is available on the Touring Guide Toolkit.

**Listing data is due to OWB no later than Sept. 5**

When you update your tasting room listing, your information will be automatically updated in three important locations:

  • Explore Oregon Wine Tasting Rooms: This itinerary resource is an expanded digital version of the Touring Guide’s printed listings and the tool through which tasting room information is captured.
  • OWB Internal Database: Your tasting room information is held securely in OWB’s internal database for reference as needed.
  • Oregon Tourism Information System (OTIS): Information provided to the OWB during outreach will be shared with Travel Oregon and incorporated into the Oregon Tourism Information System (OTIS).
    • Tasting Rooms that are open to the public are eligible for a listing on, which is powered by OTIS.
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