Rules and recommendations to prepare for safe reopening

A task force comprised of industry members statewide has just released a document outlining Guidelines for Wine Tasting Room Operations in Response to COVID-19. This document has been endorsed by the boards of 11 state and regional wine associations. 

As you prepare your reopening plans, refer to these guidelines, which outline both the must-dos and the should-dos for safe and sanitary tasting room operations. The guidance is consistent with what has been published by the Governor’s office and the Oregon Health Authority, and has been augmented to reflect the particular circumstances of tasting room operations.
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There is a helpful checklist on page 9, which includes two measures worth highlighting:
  1. Employees are required to wear face coverings and employers are required to provide them; and
  2. You should identify which staff member is responsible for monitoring physical distancing.
This second point is reportedly the first question typically asked of restaurant managers when they have received visits by OHSA inspectors over the past two months.

Here are some additional resources to consult as you prepare to reopen: All of these resources and more can be found in the new Reopening Information section of the OWB’s COVID-19 Toolkit.

An Advisory on “Slow and Safe” Reopenings  

Reopening is a decision that demands walking a delicate line between acting in the interests of public health and mitigating further economic damage.

With health and safety at the forefront, industry associations around the state are urging winery tasting rooms to take a “Slow and Safe” approach to reopening. A careful, thoughtful pace is paramount to ensuring the health and safety of winemakers, hospitality staff, production workers and of course, lovers of Oregon wine who want an intimate but safe and sanitary experience at your tasting room.

There have been recent examples in the national press of businesses re-opening that were not prepared for an onslaught of visitors. Similarly, some visitors may not be prepared for new post-COVID-19 rules and take out frustrations on employees. It is important to be mindful of how quickly damage can be done to your business’s reputation—and that of our industry as a whole—if reopening is not implemented cautiously. With your business in the public eye, please plan your reopening mindfully and operate at the pace you are most comfortable with.

By taking the time to review the guidelines, implement changes, train your staff and clearly communicate expectations to your visitors, you can help ensure that your guests and employees alike have a positive experience in this new environment.
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