Verify Your Tasting Room Information by Sept. 5

August 19, 2019|Consumer Marketing, Oregon Wine Touring Guide, Tasting Room Listings|

The Oregon Wine Board publishes a touring guide that aspires to include tasting room information for every tasting room in the state. We collect that tasting room information directly from you and your peers. We also share your tasting room details through a web tool called “Explore.” You can see it here. In 2018 we worked with [...]

Update Your Tasting Room Listing Information

August 15, 2017|Oregon Wine Touring Guide, Tasting Room Listings|

In anticipation of the upcoming 2018 Oregon Wine Touring Guide, which will be released in February, please take a few minutes to ensure that the information the OWB has on record about your tasting room is accurate. For convenience, a visual tutorial is available on the Touring Guide Toolkit. Update Your Tasting Room Listing Now   [...]

Claim Your Tasting Room Listing and Connect with Visitors

March 21, 2017|Consumer Marketing, Tasting Room Listings|

It's a good time to be an Oregon wine country visitor. In the last few weeks the OWB has released the 2017 Oregon Wine Touring Guide and a new web resource where prospective visitors can build itineraries around more than just location by incorporating grape varieties and amenities that suit their personal interests, such as sustainability, tours, outdoor seating and much more. This new [...]