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Biochar 101 (2-day Workshop)
February 27 – February 28 Free
Learn how charred biomass (biochar) can increase soil productivity, reduce wildfire risk, and slow climate change. In a morning classroom session on Feb 27, biochar consultant Kelpie Wilson will present biochar basics and the science of biochar production. USDA ARS researchers (Kristin Trippe, Manuel Jaramillo) will present their Biochar Atlas decision support tool for biochar applications and discuss recent field trials using biochar in vineyards and other applications. The afternoon session will take place at the David Hill Winery where Kelpie Wilson will demonstrate on-farm applications of biochar for making compost from farm waste, manure management in barns and the production of bokashi – a fermented organic fertilizer made from biochar and farm wastes. We will reconvene at David Hill Winery on Feb. 28 for a full-day demonstration of methods for producing biochar from vineyard prunings using small biochar kilns and biochar pile burning techniques.

This is a free, two-day workshop that includes hands-on activities. You have the option to sign up for just one of the workshop days if that’s what best suits your schedule.
Workshop attendees will:
– Be introduced to the chemistry and biology of biochar at scales ranging from atoms to the atmosphere.
– Learn how biochar sequesters carbon while improving soil health and plant productivity.
– Understand available technology options for biochar production at different scales.
– Lean how to use biochar to manage farm wastes and create valuable organic fertilizers.
– Become familiar with the production of biochar through a hands-on demonstration.
Thursday, February 27th | 8am – 4pm
Biochar Basics & Composting (morning classroom session followed by afternoon field session)
Location: Tualatin SWCD (Hillsboro) and David Hill Winery (Forest Grove)
During the morning classroom session, presenters will cover biochar basics, applications, recent research and decision-making tools, and biochar production. After lunch (provided by Tualatin SWCD), the group will travel to David Hill Winery for an on-site composting demonstration. Participants will be encouraged to carpool. If you will need transportation, please indicate that in the registration form.
Friday, February 28th | 9am – 3pm
Biochar Production (field session)
Location: David Hill Winery (Forest Grove)
Participants will be given an orientation and safety lesson before loading, lighting, and tending to kilns.
*Please bring a sack lunch, water bottle, sturdy boots, and leather gloves. Wear cotton, wool, or other fire-resistant clothing. No fleece or nylon.

About the presenter: Kelpie Wilson
Kelpie is an engineer and analyst with 30 years of experience in renewable energy, sustainable forestry and resource conservation. As a consultant, Kelpie works directly with forest managers, the wood products industry, farmers and conservationists to develop systems for making biochar from waste biomass. She researches and teaches techniques for using biochar in compost and manure management, and presents many biochar workshops each year. See more about her work at www.WilsonBiochar.com