The Global Masters is a series of blind tasting competitions based on varieties of wine, drawing in entries from across the world. One of the key elements to its success is the quality and the dedication of the judges involved. Every wine is measured on the taste of its grape and the skill of its winemaker. For the first time all preconceived ideas about the importance of location are pushed to one side as wines from across the world are judged by style and price exclusively. All Global Masters are judged blind by the finest palates in the world – a panel of Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers and senior buyers only. The best competing wines are awarded medals from Bronze through to Gold, and ultimately “Master” for exceptional examples. Upcoming Global Masters competitions include:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon – deadline to submit samples is Mar. 31
  • Merlot – deadline to submit samples is Mar. 31
  • Rosé – deadline to submit samples is Apr. 17
  • Sparkling wine – deadline to submit samples is May 12
  • Syrah – deadline to submit samples is Jun. 16

If you would like to participate in any of these events, contact Sophie Raichura.