1. To encourage a period of increased support from distributors, restaurants and retailers in the Pacific Northwest
2. To create a platform for tactical winery promotions that stimulate sales in all channels
3. To develop deeper affinity for Oregon wine by forging an emotional connection with consumers


Click here if you would like to submit a month-long Oregon wine promotion for a restaurant. (See details below under “Distributor and Trade Information.”


This resource is designed to help the Oregon wine industry maximize Oregon Wine Month. Below is information outlining all aspects of the multi-faceted Oregon Wine Month 2016 campaign, graphics and inspiration, and documents for use with wholesale partners and key accounts.

Here is a checklist of ideas for wineries to use as they plan their participation in the campaign.

Click the link below to submit an Oregon Wine Month event or special promotion at your tasting room or at a restaurant or retail shop.

CLICK HERE to submit your event or special promotion.

The photographic nature of the Oregon Wine Month campaign enables us to tell a great amount of stories from around the state and across the decades, particularly through our social media. We are especially interested in images that showcase the personalities behind the wines and that tell stories of entrepreneurialism, community and sustainability. We will give photo attribution wherever possible.

CLICK HERE to submit your photo.


A note about the Oregon Wine History ArchiveThere is an option on the submission form that gives OWB permission to share your images with the Oregon Wine History Archive at Linfield College. In 2011, Linfield College established the Oregon Wine History Archive (OWHA), which is committed to preserving and sharing the story of Oregon wine. With its mission to collect and preserve all aspects and regions of the Oregon wine industry, it has a growing group of collections from winery owners, winemakers, grape-growers, marketers, enthusiasts and sommeliers.

For any questions about the OWHA please contact Rachael Woody, Archivist.

The Oregon Wine Month Rep of the Year contest recognizes two sales reps for top performance during May 2016. The competition is open to any distributor salesperson representing Oregon wine, and anyone may nominate a rep for consideration at the form below.

Download a sell sheet for the program here.

Make an Oregon Wine Month Rep of the Year nomination

The Oregon Wine Board has engaged with several Oregon distributors to share Oregon Wine Month plans and programs. This paves the way for YOU to contact your distributor and set up a plan to drive sales for YOUR winery during Oregon Wine Month via programs like tastings, winemaker dinners, flights, by-the-glass specials, guest sommelier nights and staff trainings.

Don’t forget to submit ALL events at restaurants and shops for inclusion on the consumer-facing Oregon Wine Month calendar to help you to promote them to the public.

Oregon Wine Month at Restaurants

NEW this year, OWB is partnering with OpenTable to promote Oregon Wine Month events at restaurants. There is also the opportunity for Oregon Wine A-List restaurants to receive a server incentive if they opt to participate in Oregon Wine Month. See below for a document that describes the on-premise portion of Oregon Wine Month 2016 in detail, as well as a sell sheet to use with restaurant accounts.

Restaurants can sign up to participate by offering a month-long Oregon wine special during May and completing this form.

Wine Steward Display Competition

There is a promotion in place for wine stewards at select retail chains and reps at select distributors. If you would like more information, please contact Jess Willey.

Distributor Presentation:

Download slides to use in distributor presentations (updated 3/23/2016)

Sell Sheets:

Distributor Rep of the Year Contest

Oregon Wine Month On-Premise – a detailed description

Oregon Wine Month at Restaurants – sell sheet

See “POS Graphics and Templates” section for downloadable point-of-sale graphics and customizable menu templates.

Point of Sale materials can be found in the Oregon Wine Month Dropbox folder. Here you’ll find:

  • It’s Oregon Wine Month! logo (red and white versions, horizontal and vertical versions)
  • Office printer friendly posters, case cards, shelf talkers and other small-format signage
  • Professional print-ready PDF files for posters, case cards, table tents, skewer cards and bottle neckers
  • Templates for tasting rooms and restaurants to use to customize signage for special menus and to promote events (PowerPoint files for office printers and PDF files for graphic designers)

Need something but aren’t finding it here? Let us know!

The Campaign: The 2016 campaign will be a continuation of the campaign launched in the spring of 2015, which celebrates the intersection of the people and place that produce the unique and extraordinary wines of Oregon. We will feature those pioneers who continue to push the Oregon wine industry to new heights, with a special focus on sustainability efforts. Throughout, we will link these stories of the Oregon winemaking community to the legacy of excellence that began more than 50 years ago and continues in full force today.

The print ads below tell two stories of Oregon winegrowers who, in their own way, embody the spirit of sustainable, quality winemaking that pervades in the Oregon wine industry. Through social media, many more stories can be shared.


Featured: Jim Bernau, Willamette Valley Vineyards

Established: 1983

AVA: Willamette Valley

Sustainability Credentials: Among the first LIVE and Salmon Safe certified vineyards; first in world to use Rainforest Alliance certified cork; leader in many environmental causes including wine bottle recycling refund, cork recycling, habitat protection and more

Quality Reputation:

“A great ambassador for wines of Oregon.” – Joshua Greene, Wine & Spirits

“One of America’s Great Pinot Noir Producers.”  – Wine Enthusiast


Featured: Bill and Barbara Steele, Cowhorn Vineyard and Garden

Established: 2002

AVA: Applegate Valley

Sustainability Credentials: First biodynamic winery in Southern Oregon; in hot pursuit of the Living Building Challenge certification

Quality Reputation:

“One of the most promising portfolios that I came across.”  Neal Martin, The Wine Advocate

Southern Oregon’s Cowhorn wines are exceptional.” – Matt Kramer, Wine Spectator

Media Plan: A robust media plan is set to drive consumer awareness of Oregon Wine Month and all of the events, specials and promotions that comprise it. Consisting of print, digital, radio, social media and a special partnership with Travel Oregon, the Oregon Wine Month media plan aims to surround the Pacific Northwest wine consumer from late March through May.

OWM 2016 Media Plan

Social media is a great way to get the public excited about Oregon Wine Month! Be proactive and engaging with your social media, but also thoughtful in your frequency and timing of posts. Let your different channels tell your winery’s Oregon Wine Month story. Be sure to showcase some “behind-the-scenes” work at your winery and always try to engage and involve consumers via their social media.

facebook icon Oregon Wine Month on Facebook
Official Facebook Accounts: Oregon Wine
Official program Hashtags: #OregonWineMonth   #oregonwine

Facebook is the social media platform that will engage your largest audience. It’s great for sharing your Oregon Wine Month events, pictures, and winery/region history. The more users engage with your content by liking, sharing and commenting, the more visible your posts will be to others so keep posts fun and creative!

For additional information on Facebook and post inspiration check out: Oregon Wine Month: Facebook
For general posts you can copy and paste check out: Oregon Wine Month Suggested Social Media Content

Change your cover photo for Oregon Wine Month and post these images throughout May:

Facebook Cover Photo
Oregon Wine Month Logo

Customize your own Oregon Wine Month Facebook Cover Photo:

In Photoshop, take a favorite photo of your winery and crop it to 851 pixels x 315 pixels then layer this white Oregon Wine Month logo over top.

twitter-icon Oregon Wine Month on Twitter
Official Twitter Accounts: @Oregon_Wine
Official Program Hashtags: #OregonWineMonth   #oregonwine

Twitter is a social media platform that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called tweets. Twitter can be used to share news and connect to ideas related to your participation in Oregon Wine Month. For the most exposure, feature engaging posts that will inspire your followers to re-tweet your post.

For additional information on Twitter and tweet inspiration check out: Oregon Wine Month: Twitter
For general tweets you can copy and paste check out: Oregon Wine Month Suggested Social Media Content

Change your cover photo for Oregon Wine Month and post these images throughout May:

Oregon Wine Month Twitter Cover Photo

Customize your own Oregon Wine Month Twitter Cover Photo:

In Photoshop, take a favorite photo of your winery and crop it to 1500 pixels x 500 pixels then layer this white Oregon Wine Month logo over top.

 Oregon Wine Month on Instagram
Official program Hashtags: #OregonWineMonth   #oregonwine

Instagram is perfect for short messaging about Oregon Wine Month and to showcase both the face of the program along with between-the-scenes fun around the winery and tasting room. Although mostly used for photo-sharing, Instagram also allows users to record and post 15-second videos in their feed.

For additional information on Instagram and ‘gram inspiration check out: Oregon Wine Month on Instagram

E-newsletters provide periodic updates to loyal customers who have opted-in to stay in touch with your brand. They are perfect for reminders to your customers about your participation in Oregon Wine Month. Newsletters provide a platform for a more in depth explanation of how your customers can benefit from the program.

Need inspiration? Consider a version of the copy below with a picture of the program logo.

May is Oregon Wine Month!

Some of the world’s finest wines are made right here in Oregon. Join us this May in celebrating our official statewide month of wine tasting, wine learning and wine loving.

(Insert information about you winery’s Oregon Wine Month offerings.)

Oregon Wine Month events begin May 1 so it’s time to start planning. Don’t miss the Oregon Wine Month event calendar to plan your Oregon wine adventure!

To help encourage consumers to visit the Oregon Wine Month website, the OWB is running a sweepstakes. The details of this will be available in March.

The sweepstakes is being promoted in the following ways:
– On the OWB Facebook page
– On TravelOregon.com through editorial content
– Through digital advertising on the following websites and/or newsletters: Portland Monthly, Seattle Met1859 Magazine, Southern Oregon Magazine, Sip Northwest, Travel Oregon

How to get involved: Share this exciting promotion with your mailing list and social media fans to get them thinking about their next visit to Oregon Wine Country!

URLs to share:
Oregon Wine Month (best to share when talking about overall Oregon Wine Month activities) – www.oregonwinemonth.org
Sweepstakes landing page (best to share on social media or in content specifically about the sweeps) – http://www.oregonwine.org/oregon-wine-month/wine-country-weekend-sweeps-2016/

Images to use:

Find in the Dropbox:

– Static web banner ads (best for use in newsletters)
– Animated gif web banner ads (best for use on websites)