Register to Participate in the Sélections Mondiales des Vins Canada

April 20, 2017|Calls for Wine, Grapevine, International Marketing|

The 2017 Sélections Mondiales des Vins Canada (SMV Canada), the largest international wine competition in North America, will be held from May 25-29 in Quebec City. Respected by wineries the world over, SMV Canada is a source of great pride for Quebec and Canada as it contributes to the discovery of many new high quality [...]

Read the OWB’s International Marketing Newsletter

April 20, 2017|Grapevine, International Marketing|

An update on the OWB's international marketing efforts was published last week. The newsletter included information on international events that have taken place to-date in 2017, as well as information on upcoming events. Contact Marie Chambers if you would like to be added to the international marketing email list. Read the international marketing newsletter.

International Marketing Newsletter – Intro Letter

April 20, 2017|International Marketing, OWB Blog|

Dear friends, It has been an exciting start to the year for Oregon wine in international markets. In the past two months many of your industry colleagues have carried the flag for Oregon in seven different countries by participating in Oregon Wine Board-organized trade tastings and educational seminars. Our consistent presence in those markets is [...]

Attend the Export Committee Meeting on Apr. 27

April 20, 2017|International Marketing, OWB Blog|

OWB is holding the annual Export Committee Meeting on Apr. 27 from 10 a.m. to noon at Chemeketa Community College – Eola Center. We are inviting all of you to attend, as we want to ensure that we receive input from as many exporting wineries as possible in our activity planning process. If you would like [...]

Complete our Survey on International Activity

April 20, 2017|International Marketing, OWB Blog|

Annually, OWB conducts an international activity survey in order to gather data on winery sales and interest in export markets. This information is essential for planning our annual event calendar. This information is not shared publicly and is only aggregated for our planning purposes. Your willingness to complete the survey is greatly appreciated. Access the [...]

Make a Nomination for Denmark Reverse Trade Mission

April 20, 2017|International Marketing, OWB Blog|

We are pleased to announce that the Oregon Wine Board, Washington State Wine Commission, California Wine Institute and New York Wines have received grant funding to host a group of sommeliers in a multi-state tour. A similar tour held last year included sommeliers from throughout Canada, and this year we are shifting the invitation to [...]

Recent International Events: Canada

April 20, 2017|International Marketing, OWB Blog|

Taste Oregon - Toronto Spring Tasting The OWB hosted its first Oregon only event in years in Toronto with 45 wineries. The event took place on Apr. 11 and attracted more than 350 top-level trade and media in the Ontario market. The events included an interactive walk-around tasting and salmon bake for key trade, LCBO [...]

Recent International Events: Europe

April 20, 2017|International Marketing, OWB Blog|

London, Stockholm and ProWein The annual European tour included events in London, Stockholm and three days at ProWein in Dusseldorf, Germany. The London event returned to an Oregon and Washington only format which allowed us to focus on attracting high-level trade and to conduct educational seminars for each state. Oregon’s seminar focused on Chardonnay and [...]

Recent International Events: Asia

April 20, 2017|International Marketing, OWB Blog|

Seoul, Tokyo and Osaka In February, the OWB and WSWC hosted trade tastings in both Japan and Korea. In Seoul, we partnered with U.S. food cooperators to demonstrate how Oregon wines can pair well with the local food. Between Oregon and Washington there were 17 wines poured at the event which attracted more than 350 [...]

Upcoming International Events: Oregon Pinot Camp and Tour

April 20, 2017|International Marketing, OWB Blog|

Every year the OWB brings a group of key international trade including sommeliers, importers and educators from around the world to attend Oregon Pinot Camp and an extended tour of Oregon. This year brings our largest group of international guests ever for this event, with 18 coming from the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, [...]